Forocean Shiptrading
negotiate   Newbuilding Sector of Forocean Shiptrading is in the position from an initial idea about a purchase to a finalization of the deal involving many steps along the way, such as prequalification of shipyards, shortlisting, investigation, contract negotiations, coordination with all parties concerned during the construction of the newbuildings until the delivery of the vessels and even 1 year after the delivery of the vessels. From the first day of its establishment, we have collaborated close and direct relationships with most shipyards of big sizes and small sizes in China.¬†Professionals of Forocean can absolutely assist clients in seizing opportunities and reducing risks with their market intelligence and unique insight of global shipping industry.
To ensure top standard technical services, we have actively sought the assistance from classification societies, cooperated with technical bureau and qualified engineers from naval architects closely to validate any new vessels for marketing and sale. With the reliability and expertise, we are more than qualified to answer the needs of its clients.